Statements of Faith

Mission Statement

“Serving Christ by Serving the Community”

Here at Gateway we focus on our community. We are always looking for ways to serve. We believe that as we focus on the needs of our community, we can show the love of Jesus through our actions. Our ultimate goal is sharing the opportunity to have eternal life with Jesus Christ in heaven. If you have questions about Jesus Christ and who he is click here.

Purpose Statement

“Empowering the believer to reach out with love and compassion”

There are many organizations who reach out to people in need. Here at Gateway we also believe in reaching out. Our Mission statement, “Serving Christ by Serving the Community”, confirms that. But, we believe that there is more to reaching out than just meeting a need. At Gateway we believe that the Holy Spirit empowers the believer. This empowerment gives us the courage and boldness to reach out to those we would have never dreamed possible. We believe that as the Holy Spirit empowers us, we as believers will be overflowing with love and compassion. The same love and compassion that Jesus had.

Vision Statement

Desiring to provide…

Stability for the family,

Continuity for the fellowship,

and Longevity for the Kingdom.

Our goal at Gateway is to reach out to our community with love and compassion. In doing this we strive to provide opportunities to help families become more stable. We encourage the entire family to get involved with God. We believe that when we have stable families, then we will have a stable church which ultimately leads to building the Kingdom of God. There is no higher calling than building the Kingdom of God. At Gateway, we know it is not about us, but it is truly all about God. Everything we do has the underlying idea of building His Kingdom!